Realme 3 as my essential gadget at the occasion. What’s more, covering the occasion implied taking a great deal of pictures, shooting loads of video, and requiring a sufficient battery on your gadget that does not make you always go after a power bank. These five days were a genuine trial of the new Realme telephone, and this is what my experience resembled.

Since I referenced that the occasion expected me to take a great deal of pictures and recordings, I should make reference to, how I was not able utilize the telephone for both of that. The Realme 3 sports a 13 MP + 2 MP camera setup at the back, which includes a PDAF quick centering and f/1.8 gap. All through the occasion, I needed to utilize another telephone for just pictures and recordings in light of the fact that the Realme telephone bombed wretchedly at it.

In spite of the double camera setup, the hues delivered in the pictures by this telephone are basically terrible. Furthermore, it deteriorates when you are shooting under the stall lighting with a yellow tint — as the pictures will in general wear out, and look darker.

As a rule, the pictures from this telephone have an inalienable yellow tint in them. Other than that, the Realme 3’s camera makes not complete a decent showing with regards to of catching the subtleties when you shoot photos in low light. On the off chance that you zoom into some low light pictures in the merry go round beneath, you will perceive how the subtleties are altogether smeared. Focussing regarding a matter in low light is additionally an errand.

Additionally, getting an unmistakable picture even in the day from this telephone while in a moving vehicle, or snapping a shot while strolling, is practically unthinkable. Notwithstanding all endeavors all my hands unfaltering, the double camera setup at the back of the gadget, neglects to center and this outcomes in foggy pictures.

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