How to Submit Your Instant Articles Feed for Review

Before you can present your Instant Articles feed for audit, you have to ensure that you have something like 10 articles in your Instant Articles feed.In the event that you have effectively distributed in excess of 10 articles on your site, however the feed isn’t appearing of them, at that point you have to alter your last 10 articles and essentially click on the refresh catch.

When you are certain that you have 10 articles in your Instant Articles channel, you are presently prepared to submit it to Facebook for survey.Go to your Facebook page and snap on Publishing Tools from the administrator bar. After that click on the ‘Arrangement’ connect under Instant Articles on your left hand menu.

In the event that there are no blunders with your Instant Articles feed, at that point you will see a ‘Submit for Review’ catch. Feel free to tap on this catch to send your feed for audit.That is all, Instant Articles will wind up accessible for your site once Facebook group has checked on and affirmed your channel.

Investigating Tips:

Facebook necessitates that your Instant Articles channel coordinate determinations portrayed on their designer site. Moment Articles for WP module handles that part for you.

Anyway relying upon the subject or modules you are utilizing on your site, you may see a few mistakes or admonitions. A less demanding approach to investigate those blunders is by altering a post and looking down to the Facebook Instant Articles meta box beneath the post editorial manager.

The greater part of the blunders are brought about by modules or subject including content into your posts that isn’t bolstered by transformer rules utilized by Instant Articles for WP module.

You can make your own custom transformer rules. Allude to the module’s documentation to figure out how to include your custom transformer rules.

In any case, we feel that it would be troublesome for most apprentices to do that all alone, so you may require a designer. You can attempt to arrange your different modules and subjects and prevent them from including content squares into your posts.

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